Mens Health Clinic in Soshanguve


9 Years of excellence, 4,000+ confident men.

Welcome to the Men’s Health Clinic in Pretoria

The men’s health clinic is a global leader in customized treatment of erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement and premature ejaculation. We are based in Pretoria

1 in 3 men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Thousands of men are unnecessarily suffering in silence. Having a problem is nothing to be ashamed of. Not doing anything about it is. A tailored and effective treatment plan is available at an affordable price

A world-class team of experts

The Men’s Health Clinic is the culmination of decades of experience by leading experts in the field of men’s sexual health.

Our team of licensed South African Doctors are empathetic and highly experienced. This ensures all patients receive a world-class standard of care. To book a free consultation with the Men’s Health Clinic

Treatment At The Men’s Health Clinic


Do an Assessment

Fill out this quiz to determine if you have an issue.

Speak to our Doctor

Our highly experienced Doctors are available for a private video or phone consult at your convenience.

Choose the right treatment

Upon the Doctors advice, you will be offered customized and affordable treatment plans.

Begin Treatment

Licensed South African Doctors are with you every step of the way.


Discreet Delivery

Treatment is delivered to your door.

Monthly Check-Ins

Your progress is assessed and adjusted monthly.

Customizable Treatments

Your plans are customized throughout your treatment.

Patient Support

24/7 patient care to ensure all your questions are answered anywhere, anytime.

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