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Low Sex Drive / Low Libido

If you’re experiencing reduced sexual desire you’re not alone!
Low libido is the same as low sex drive – but not the same thing as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Impotence or ED means wanting to have sex, but not being able to carry through on the desire.  Low libido is having little desire for sex even if you are capable of achieving erections.
The causes of Low Libido in men can be physical and psychological.
Some of the Physical Causes of Low Libido can be related to Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Obesity, Diabetes, certain prescribed drugs and low testosterone levels
Psychological / Emotional Factors can also cause loss of sex drive. Depression, stress, poor sleep, performance anxiety, relationship conflict and infidelity are some of the more common reasons why a man may lose his sex drive, at least temporarily.
As some of the factors contributing to a low sex drive can overlap with other conditions, the Physicians and counsellors at Men's Clinic will perform a complete individual assessment together with a full clinical diagnosis, before a customized course of  treatment is recommended.

Penis Enlargement Products available

Enlarge your penis without surgery or even seeing your Doctor. The Men's clinic has taken natural penis enlargement to the privacy of the home adding both penis length and girth using the same methods used by medical doctors for limb lengthening and other orthopaedic procedures.
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